CVS finally in the the international classification of diseases

On 18 June 2018, 18 years after the launch of ICD-10, WHO released a version of ICD-11 to allow Member States time to plan implementation. This is anticipating the presentation of ICD-11 to the World Health Assembly in 2019 for adoption by countries. Over a decade in the making, this version is a vast improvement on ICD-10.

ICD-11  is great news for CVS-patients, as CVS is finally recognized in the international classification of diseases.

ICD-11 is built up like this:

CVS is now classified under chapter 08 Diseases of the nervous system as a type of migraine.
8A80 Migraine
 Cyclic vomiting syndrome
Recurrent episodic attacks, usually stereotypical in the individual patient, of vomiting and intense nausea. Attacks are associated with pallor and lethargy. There is complete resolution of symptoms between attacks.

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